Reasons to Fundraise with Torchlight

Wine Fundraising is sustainable, unique, effective and fun.

1 It's easy and fast. Your wine program can be running within weeks. Wine is easy to promote, makes a great gift and offers strong appeal to almost everyone.

2 Recurring revenue.
Raise money year-round, not seasonally. We make over 15 wines, so there's always something new to sustain recurring revenue.

3 Higher income & new donor attraction.
Raise additional dollars from your existing donors, and easily attract new support with this social product.

4 No fuss.
We process all orders, and handle all financial portions of the sales, provide shipping fulfillment and customer service.
5 Excellent service.
You and your supporters get excellent service - timely delivery, online order tracking, and quick responses.

6 Exceptional quality.
Goosecross® wines are synonymous with quality and therefore reflect well on you. Your relationships and mission are strengthened with each delectable sip.

7 Wine enhances all your funding efforts.
Wine blends well with other fundraising efforts to increase revenue, whether you use them for events, donation incentives, auction items or donor gifts.

8 Great resources.
We offer free consulting, marketing ideas, and share tips for effective wine fundraising - we know what works!

They already have enough tote bags, but there’s never enough great wine!

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